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Dear Dr. Morreale,

It has been almost a year since I have had my front teeth "fixed" and I still cannot get over the reception they received. From the very first day, I felt as if strangers alike were treating me with more warmth and friendship. Before the work was performed my teeth were so small they could hardly be seen. Not seeing my smile, people just assumed I must be unhappy. Having a bright smile changed that perception.

The true test came when I went home to visit with family and friends. Having the dental work performed before the Christmas Holiday season, as you recommended, turned out perfectly! I never received more compliments. "Have you lost weight?" "You seem so happy!" "Have you changed your hair style?" was all I heard from everyone I met. I, of course, just smiled.

Even Dr. Leckowitz could not place his finger on the difference and he's been examining my teeth since I was twelve. (He was the only person outside my family I told. After he found out, I received an instant examination on the dining room table. He was pleased as well.)

By spring time the novelty had worn off, but the effect of my new teeth had not. Even knowing that all the compliments were misplaced I still felt good receiving them. Having a new brighter smile makes me want to smile, just because I can. And believe me, I have been wearing my smile all over town.

Thanks again for everything!
Richard M.

Dr. Morreale,

THANKS !! How did you get so good at making people happy ? Because of you I can smile again ! Thanks a million.
Nicole B.

Dear Dr. Kugel,
Thank you so much for your kindness, caring and understanding! It made a difficult situation so much easier for me. The atmosphere in the office is warm and pleasant, and that is important to me. Hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year!
M. Kalis

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