BCOH Supports Medical Missions for Children

Drs. Morreale and Siegel Travel to Guatemala for Medical Missions for Children

Drs. Morreale and Siegel spent their vacation time traveling to Guatemala as volunteers with the Medical Missions for Children (MMFC). The goal of the MMFC is to "build sustainable health care, education and social services infrastructure, thereby enhancing life in the underserved areas of the world."  The MMFC conducts close to 20 missions a year and has operated on over 27,000 children. Services range from correction for children born with cleft lip and palate deformities to the treatment of degenerative oral disease. These procedures are performed free of charge to families, who would otherwise never have access to this care. The surgeries help to resolve health complications, speech impediments, and most importantly, restore dignity to a child and his/her family.

A Busy Five Days of Providing Critical Care

They come from far away, so many of the patients and their families; they are weary and perhaps afraid.  They are in line and waiting; for some, perhaps an adventure, for others, undoubtedly a hardship.  The schedule is set; four operating rooms will work non-stop the entire week, as will the PACU (recovery).  The dentists and therapist will have dozens of children to see, procedures to complete and instructions to give. All of the children will be weighed and examined. Parents will respond to lengthy questionnaires concerning their child's medical history. Multiple translations will be required. Fortunately, almost no one is turned away.

Charitable Causes Matter to Us!

At Boston Center for Oral Health, charitable causes matter. We are always seeking ways to give back locally and nationally. If you wish to make a suggestion for our outreach program, please do not hesitate to contact us at 617-536-4620 or send an inquiry to [email protected].


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