Sedation Dentistry at Boston Center Oral Health

Feel GOOD and Look GREAT After Sedation Dentistry

For many patients, the thought of going to the dentist provokes feelings of anxiety, fear, and even shame. At Boston Center for Oral Health, we are committed to making our patients feel as comfortable as possible when they walk through our doors. Our Boston dentists Dr. Carmine Morreale and Dr. Richard Varnerin are experienced in providing conscious sedation dentistry options to ensure that every patient can access the high-quality dental care they need, without worrying about the negative feelings or sensations normally associated with a trip to the dentist.

What is conscious sedation dentistry?

Conscious sedation dentistry refers to the use of medications to help patients relax during dental procedures. It is called “conscious” sedation because patients will feel relaxed and drowsy in some cases, yet they will still be awake. This means that patients can breathe normally and respond to verbal cues from our dentists, but they will feel no pain. Depending on the level and form of sedation received, the patient may not remember the visit at all.

What types of sedation options do you offer?

Our team at Boston Center for Oral Health can provide:

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