Restore Your Smile Faster with Same Day Dental Crowns

woman getting same day dental crown in BostonGetting dental restorations used to mean numerous trips to the dentist and a time frame of several days or weeks to complete from start to finish. The last thing a patient wants to endure when dealing with a fractured tooth or filling or a missing crown is a long wait time – especially considering all of the functional and cosmetic implications.

At Boston Center for Oral Health, we are pleased to offer a much better solution for replacing lost or damaged crowns and fractured teeth. It’s called Crown-in-a-Day and it’s a procedure that slashes the wait time to a fraction of what it once was. With this state-of-the-art, digital dentistry technology, patients can have permanent dental restorations completed within one day. The best part is that the entire procedure can be performed from the comfort and convenience of our Back Bay dental practice.

How does Crown-in-a-Day work?

The process involves Dr. Carmine Morreale first taking digital scans of a patient’s teeth using a high-tech “PlanScan” device. The device utilizes computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) to produce precise, lab-quality restorations right from our dental office. Once the new crown is fabricated using a state-of-the-art milling unit, the final restoration is placed and a patient walks out with a custom-fitted and custom-made crown that took just hours to design, fabricate and place, rather than days or even weeks.

Digital restorations such as Crown-in-a-Day represent a tremendous advancement from the old way of doing things. This involved the use of traditional impressions, which took time to produce at a patient’s first office visit, after which they had to be sent out to the lab for fabrication and then a patient would return for another visit to have the crown placed.

What are the benefits of same day dental crowns?

The benefits of Crown-in-a-Day are numerous:

  • Performed in a single office visit
  • Takes hours instead of days
  • Increased accuracy and efficiency using digital scans and fabrication
  • Fast, permanent results
  • Beautiful and natural-looking restorations
  • Less chair time for patients with dental anxiety or fear

If dental anxiety or fear is keeping you from considering Crown-in-a-Day, you can learn about our sedation dentistry options by visiting this blog post.

Looking for fast, same day dental crowns in Boston?

Boston Center for Oral Health is here to help. To make an appointment for Crown-in-a-Day or to learn more about the procedure, call our office at (617) 536-4620 or schedule an appointment by filling out the yellow form on this page. We look forward to restoring your smile with flawless results in faster time!

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