Signs of A Great Back Bay Dentist

Here in Boston's Back Bay, we have plenty of dentists to choose from. Deciding on the best Back Bay Dentist can be tough, so we thought we would share some things worth considering when deciding on a family dentist.

1. Your Time is Important

Although there are other elements I would list as number one in our top ten list, we thought we would start by emphasizing that Boston Center for Oral Health is conscious of our patient's time. We make it a priority to not leave our visitors sitting in the waiting room.

2. Attentive to Your Needs

At Boston Center for Oral Health, we do not just focus on providing great oral care. Equally important is listening and understanding our customers needs. We take pride in taking the time to hear your concerns so that we can properly address them.

3. A Well Kept Office

Our office is located in the historic Somerset Building on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston. Built in 1897 as a luxury hotel, Somerset building today is a classic, fully modernized business office and residential property. In addition to our classic ambiance, we ensure the office is always clean, neat, and orderly.

4. Patient Education

Oral hygiene is detrimental to good dental health and can ultimately impact your overall health. We are always willing to inform our clients of good habits and treatment options that are available today for proper oral care. We want to ensure that our patients are well informed so they can make dental decisions with confidence and a smile.

5. We Treat Our Patients Like Family

Our clients are not just a name in our scheduling system. We like to get to know our patients so that we can provide the best options of care, according to their lifestyles. We are as interested in our patients' lives, concerns and families, as we are about their oral well being.

6. We Care About Our Staff

As much as we care about our patients, the same can be said for our staff. They too are like family. We know that happy staff members are more likely to improve our patient's overall experience, so we focus on maintaining a positive and productive work environment.

7. We Are Thorough

Some dental procedures can be long and arduous, leaving you feeling out of sorts for a few hours afterward. We make it a point to follow up with you after a particularly long or difficult procedure, just to make sure you're feeling OK and that there are no complications hindering your recovery.

Choosing a dentist isn't a decision you take lightly. Teaming up with the best dental professionals means working with people who understand your concerns and know your history as a patient. The best Back Bay dentist will always gives you the care that you and your family deserve.

Visit our office TODAY and you will be sure to leave with a SMILE.


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