Looking for Dental Implants in Boston? Worldwide Expert at BCOH

happy patient who got dental implants in BostonDental implants can make a world of difference for patients who are affected by missing teeth, ill-fitting dentures or bridges, chewing problems and more. If you are considering dental implants in Boston, the Boston Center for Oral Health is here for you. Patient comfort is our top priority and we are dedicated to delivering personalized care and exceptional results. For patients who may have anxiety or fear about visiting the dentist, we also offer sedation dentistry options to help you feel at ease throughout the entire experience.


Our Back Bay practice is home to a worldwide expert in the field of dental implants and restorations, Dr. Hans-Peter Weber, as well as a highly trained periodontist, Dr. Sam Shamardi. We perform dental implant procedures giving you new teeth that look and feel like your own. In addition to replacing missing teeth, our practice also provides fixed solutions to removable dentures, both partial and full sets.


Common Reasons for Getting Dental Implants

There are various reasons for getting dental implants, which include:

  • Replacing one or more missing teeth without affecting adjacent teeth
  • Resolving pain or bite problems caused by teeth shifting into missing tooth space
  • Restoring your confident smile
  • Reestablishing proper chewing, speech and digestion
  • Enhancing or restoring facial tissues
  • Supporting a bridge or dentures, making them more secure and comfortable


Why Choose BCOH for your Dental Implants in Boston?

When you’re making the decision to proceed with a dental implant procedure, there is no substitute for experience. Boston Center for Oral Health is pleased to have Hans-Peter Weber, D.M.D. on our team of doctors. Dr. Weber currently serves as Professor and Chair of the Department of Prosthodontics and Operative Dentistry at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. Before joining Boston Center for Oral Health, he practiced for more than 20 years at the Harvard Dental Center of the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Weber’s background in prosthodontics (dental restorations) and periodontics (the supporting structures surrounding the teeth, including the gums) makes him one of the preeminent experts in implant dentistry worldwide.


To add to our top-notch team, we have Sam Shamardi, D.M.D. Dr. Shamardi is especially focused in periodontics and serves as a part-time clinical instructor at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Shamardi trained for his Certificate in Periodontics at the University of Pennsylvania where he had extensive surgical and non-surgical experience with procedures such as sinus lifts and crown lengthening in addition to dental implants.


Here’s What You Can Expect

The first step to undergoing a dental implant procedure involves a consultation. During this examination, the dentist will look to see if you have adequate bone in your jaw to support the implant as well as healthy gum tissues. The good news is that even if you don’t have adequate bone, a procedure called a bone graft can be performed to regenerate it. We also perform this procedure at Boston Center for Oral Health.


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