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I was diagnosed with sleep apnea 11 years ago. I tried CPAP and it was not for me. My sleep MD and I discussed this, and she told me that my case was not severe enough to make CPAP a necessity to keep me alive, I would be okay without it. Over the years I started “losing my evenings” — falling asleep sitting up at random times and waking up hours later or, when I did get in bed at a reasonable hour, waking up far too often many nights… I muddled along with the nasal strips, which did a great job taking off the skin on my nose for nearly two years.

In May 2015, I received an e-mail from my dental office announcing that one of the other dentists was now offering a dental appliance for sleep apnea. I jumped at the chance. I made an appointment, got all the information and decided right then to go ahead with this.

I have had my oral appliance for six months. I sleep better and longer without interruption. For me, sleeping FIVE HOURS straight and sometimes longer is amazing!

I know the appliance is not a cure, but it certainly has helped me. I feel better and more alert since I started using it. It is not inexpensive, but for me it has, been well worth the expenditure. The two pieces do not bother me at all, and whereas I am also a tooth grinder, they have helped my teeth, also.

- Ann G.

Since I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, I was told I needed a CPAP. I tried it many nights and hated the machine… it restricted my movement, was invasive and all around uncomfortable. Not something I could get used to. I saw a pamphlet in Dr.  Morreale’s office for an alternative and spoke to him. I have slept with my oral appliance since the first day. It has made a significant change in not only my life and sleep but my wife’s as well. My sleep is less interrupted and I am now waking up more rested than I have in years.

- Jeremy S.

I am a 67 year old single male in excellent overall health without any chronic diseases. Until recently, I had never heard of the condition called “sleep apnea” and had never known anyone with it…It was not until Dr. Carmine Morreale noted the characteristics of the condition to me that I became aware of it. I was quite surprised to learn that many of the characteristics of the condition did in fact apply to me once I connected all the dots.
But even then, I was highly skeptical that a large mouth piece could improve my situation and my first inclination was to pass up Dr. Morreale’s suggestions for treatment. Eventually, when further characteristics of the condition appeared, I agreed to go forward with his suggested treatment. I have now lived with the Respire Sleep Apnea device for about 3 weeks and I can only call it a medical miracle. My entire body clock has returned to normal, my energy level has sharply improved, and overall mood is much improved. In fact, I started to notice improvement after only 1 night. At this point, I cannot sleep comfortably WITHOUT my Respire device. I extend my warmest congratulations to Dr. Morreale for his success in the extension of his already excellent dental practice to this new area that has brought me such newfound health and happiness.

- Stephen S.

Great location. Came here for a cleaning, xrays and professional whitening trays…I also like how electronically saavy they are. All their new patient forms are online- and they can also email you any photographs they take of cavities.

- Leila T.

When you get your teeth cleaned, I think the most important person that you want to see is not the dentist but rather the dental hygienist.  And my goodness, I can’t say enough good things about Pat.

- Lily L.

No, this isn’t the review of a new book, or a new movie, or theater-piece, and certainly not a new restaurant. It’s the review of a dental experience that I had yesterday! Why do I feel the need to review it? Because it blurs the line between modern technology and art, and the entire experience fascinated me. I had a new crown put in in one sitting. No more the need for multiple visits and the expenditure of valuable time.

- Nick B.

Dr. Morreale could not have been more personable or more welcoming. He set me right at ease, letting me know that the Center is trying to help people let go of the “guilt” they often feel when they visit the dentist. (You know — the “I didn’t floss enough,” “I ate too much candy” stuff).

- Alison K.

The Boston Center for Oral Health is a practice that I trust completely. They are at the forefront of the dental profession combining new techniques that save time, money and discomfort while employing the basics of over the top customer care and respect. Not to mention years of knowledge and artistry…Trust me this is the best dentistry you can find.

- John P.

I, along with family members, have been patients here for many decades.  I could not imagine using anyone else because of the competence, compassion, enormous breadth of dental services offered under one roof, and generally warm and fuzzy feeling I get every time I visit the office.

- Stephen S.

This is the only place that provides a good thorough cleaning. I credit this place for making me take better care of my teeth.

- Fabiola L.

Thanks for taking such great care of me today! I highly recommend to my friends & family.

- Maureen E.

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