Sleep Apnea Testimonials


Until recently, I had never heard of the condition called “sleep apnea” and had never known anyone with it. It was not until Dr. Carmine Morreale noted the characteristics of the condition to me that I became aware of it. I was highly skeptical that a large mouthpiece could improve my situation and my first inclination was to pass up Dr. Morreale’s suggestions for treatment. Eventually, I agreed to go forward with his suggested treatment. I have now lived with my Respire sleep apnea device for about 3 weeks and I can only call it a medical miracle. My entire body clock has returned to normal, my energy level has sharply improved, and my overall mood is much improved. In fact, I started to notice improvement after only 1 night. At this point, I cannot sleep comfortably WITHOUT my Respire device.
Stephen S.

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